Monday, September 17, 2007

The causes of pedophile

One of the Pedophile's cause is psychosocial factor.Pedophile means when an adult who is sexually attracted to young people that is boy or girl.Paraphilia has an abnormal interest in children.Psychosocial factor actually happen when the paraphilia having been sexually abused ince they young.So,this kind of person become trauma and feel safe if they do sexually abused to the children.Others think that it derives from the person's interaction with parents during their early years of life.Because of that,paraphilia's emotion development more attracted to child because they never matured psychologically.The reason why pedophile happens to children is because children are smaller and usually weaker than adult,they may be regarded as nonthreathing potential partner.This drive for domination is sometimes though to explain why mot pedophiles are male.So,this kind of person should try to avoid themselves from do sexually abused.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


kita gagal bukan kerana bodoh,tapi kita gagal kerana melakukan kerja bodoh...hehe